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I am Mike Paschal, the founder of The Dream Home Connection. Over the years my wife and I have built three semi-custom homes with three different builders. In each case I was happy with the home I purchased. But the process was painful: There were lots of decisions that had to made, the decisions had to made in a fairly short period of time, we had to coordinate the design choices with lots of different vendors, and it was not easy to make the trade-offs between the various design choices. And in one case, we were buildng a house in one state while living in another state. Finally, there was a lot of paperwork to keep track of and get right. And while the builders are good at building houses they are not necessarily really good at (or interested in) keeping track of all the paper.

I thought that there has to be a better way to do this.

The Dream Home Connection is that better way. The Dream Home Connection is the web site where builders, subcontractors, vendors, and home owners come to manage the design, creation and maintenance of homes. This website is based on SugarCRM, a leading open-source CRM product.

This website was designed by home builders and home owners to:

  • Help create happy customers which leads to referrals and repeat business for the builder
  • Have less mistakes and misunderstandings throughout the project. This leads to higher profits for the builder.
  • Make the process of building a semi-custom or custom home more efficient. This lets the home owner focus more time on getting the dream home they have always wanted!

The Dream Home Connection is where builders and home owners come together. To build that wonderful home. To get it right the first time. And to have fun while doing it!

Let us show you how The Dream Home Connection can help you create a wonderful experience and a wonderful home.