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The Dream Home Connection is a website that builders and home owners use to manage the design, creation, and maintenance of new homes.
This website was designed by home builders and home owners to:

  • Help create happy customers which leads to referrals and repeat business for the builder
  • Have less mistakes and misunderstandings throughout the project. This leads to higher profits for the builder.
  • Make the process of building a semi-custom or custom home more efficient. This lets the home owner focus more time on getting the dream home they have always wanted!

When the home owner logs into the website, he can:

  • View the progress of construction
  • Create design scenarios to be able to compare different design choices
  • Get pricing for additions and options from multiple design vendors
  • Make the design choices
  • Get reminders for when choices need to be made
  • View and print contract addendums
After the house is completed, the home owner can:
  • Report problems to the builder and track the progress of repair
  • Set up maintenance schedules (e.g. change the filters)

The builder uses The Dream Home Connection to:

  • Provide the best home building experience possible for his customer
  • Minimize mistakes caused by getting the details wrong
  • Coordinate the activities between the home owner and the design studios
  • Keep track of the documents (contract, addendums, floor plans, …) associated with building a house. This relieves the builder from having to maintain a computer server.

During the construction of the home, the cost of this service to the home owner is nothing. The service is provided by the builder who pays The Dream Home Connection a per house fee. Should the home owner wish to use the service after the house is completed, there is a small monthly charge. Press “Contact Us” for more details on pricing.