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The Dream Home Connection is a website that builders and home owners use to manage the design, creation, and maintenance of new homes.
This website was designed by home builders and home owners to:
  • Help create happy customers which leads to referrals and repeat business for the builder
  • Have less mistakes and misunderstandings throughout the project. This leads to higher profits for the builder.
  • Make the process of building a semi-custom or custom home more efficient. This lets the home owner focus more time on getting the dream home they have always wanted!
At The Dream Home Connection we charge a flat fee based on the house. The builder pays this service and the home owners and vendors are able to connect for free. So, while it is obvious that this is a good deal for the home owner and the vendor, it is also a good deal for the builder. Why? Because of the cost of mistakes. How much does it cost when sub installs the wrong faucet? Or cabinet? How much does it cost to coordinate the design choices between the builder, home owner, and design vendor?